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Filkab JSC, founded in Plovdiv in 1999 with 100% private capital, is one of the leading contractors & suppliers in Bulgaria and the region, providing products and services in the sphere of electrical engineering and power industry.

With over 300 employees and well-developed structure, the company serves energy-related projects with industrial-scale implementation, as well as projects connected with the electricity transmission and distribution, electrical installation, building construction, communications and RES.


For its wide range of activities, the company has developed efficient structure and organization:

  • Modern storage facilities;
  • More than 32 000 products from leading Bulgarian and European suppliers, with no compromises regarding quality.
  • ERP system for the business processes management;
  • Own motor transport and warehouses in the major cities in Bulgaria;
  • Modern production facilities for mechanical processing, powder-coating and assembly lines for complete electrical equipment;
  • Headquarters in Plovdiv and branches in Sofia, Burgas, Varna, Veliko Turnovo, Ruse, Sliven, and Shumen;
  • Affiliate companies in Romania, Macedonia, Turkey, and Serbia.


  • ISO 9001:2008;
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007

Since its establishment in 1999, Filkab has used its know-how and quality awareness to evolve into one of the leading companies, dealing with RES projects. On the basis of our core competences, the distribution and wholesale of electrical materials, automation devices, and the production of complete transformer stations and switchboards, we have gradually expanded our portfolio of products and services. The experience gained over the years in photovoltaic projects has led to the transformation of the RES department of FILKAB JSC into an independent company within the group – FILKAB SOLAR Ltd. Another affiliate newly-established company within the group is FILKAB SOLAR ENERJI A.Ş., operating on the Turkish market.

We are constantly expanding our expertise due to the experience gained from our completed PV projects. Simultaneously, we are consistently developing further our project-construction and design technologies. All of our production and installation activities are performed in accordance with our quality management system. Moreover, we do everything within our power to meet the demands placed on our globally active, customer-oriented company.


Filkab is one of the largest system integrators, operating in Bulgaria and in the neighbouring countries. The company offers comprehensive supplies of components and materials for a project, as well as research, analysis, evaluation and optimization. Our experts perform the design, construction,installation and maintenance services. We have completed projects with a total installed capacity of more than 70 MWp.

At the same time, the substantial engineering expertise in the sphere of grid-connected, autonomous, hybrid and self-consumption systems, as well as the availability of considerable amount of goods on stock are a prerequisite for short-term project implementation and excellent maintenance during and after the warranty period. All these turn FILKAB into a reliable business partner and a logical choice for the implementation of your PV project.

Filkab’s participation in PV projects is connected both with the equipment supply and with the execution of civil and electrical works. With this regard, the company has the entire equipment required, such as:

  • transport vehicles;
  • pole-hammering machines;
  • lifters for working in hard conditions;
  • crane;
  • excavator, etc.

We perform the following comprehensive activities related to RES projects:

  • Detailed planning and system design based on the terrain characteristsics and customer’s requirements.
  • Execution planning in accordance with the relevant local and international standards and local HSE regulations on the assumption of normal soil conditions, without high water levels, loose sands or any other condition which requires special design and engineering.
  • Coordination of construction teams and partners. Contractor is granted unrestricted access to the site as of contract signature.
  • Material procurement and supply, delivery and installation of structures, cabling, modules, inverters, transformers, switchgear, meters, monitoring and control system, lighting protection, and meteorological and security systems.
  • Construction and installation: all the necessary civil works, including site setup, service roads within the site, cable trenches, foundations, grounding, lightning protection, fencing and security system. The area of the PV project is secured by a fence. In addition, an intrusion detections system can be installed.
  • Mounting system including design according to static requirements, engineering and post- driven/screwed foundations. The modules are mounted on aluminum/steel structure in southern direction with a tilt of approximately 20°. (Final engineering is subject to soil investigation report).
  • Low-voltage system including module connections, solar cables, connection to string inverters, AC sub-distribution boxes, wiring, grounding, lightning protection, tags, measurement, testing and documentation.
  • Monitoring system including data logger, meteorological sensors, auxiliary low-voltage installation, testing and documentation. The entire PV project is equipped with a monitoring system for detailed monitoring via remote access.
  • Medium-voltage installation up to on-site circuit breaker which connects to the power evacuation line at 20 kV, including design, engineering, foundations, wiring, trenches, earthing, lightning protection, adjusting, testing and documentation.
  • Test phase, MV grid connection, and handover.
  • Project management, progress reporting and QA program.
  • Manuals, maintenance documentation, personnel training.
  • Testing and commissioning.
  • Surveillance during daytime on working days.

The complex processes involved in the construction of a solar installation have been extensively analyzed and standardized, and designed in such a way that the speed and results meet the highest demands. All photovoltaic systems meet safety requirements and are equipped with lightning protection systems according to local requirements.


Two aspects are of primary importance for a PV system: the quality of the equipment and the quality of the construction. An important factor for the overall system performance is that all the components should be optimally harmonized with each other and with the site conditions.

The successful cooperation of FILKAB with leading European manufacturers of photovoltaic modules, solar inverters, charge controllers and batteries allows the company to offer to its customers the construction of PV projects with high-quality materials and equipment, long-term exploitation and high average yields per installed watt-peak.

Filkab supplies the following equipment:

  • solar modules;
  • solar cables;
  • connectors;
  • strings and inverters switchboards;
  • low-voltage power cables – DC and AC part;
  • medium-voltage power cables;
  • all the necessary electrical materials;
  • power transformers 0,4/20 kV;
  • switchgear 24 kV.

We offer polycrystalline, monocrystalline photovoltaic modules and systems of high-quality produced by Hanwa Q CELLS, Germany. As the core of the system is made of cells and modules designed in Germany, reliability, durability, and module performance are guaranteed. Inverters and substructures are procured from approved brand manufacturers – SMA Solar Technology AG and Kostal from Germany.

Part of the materials supplied is produced by Filkab, namely:

  • Inverter and string boards;
  • Inverter stations – which are with SMA inverters. Filkab JSC is SMA’s partner for Bulgaria, Serbia, and Macedonia.
  • Metal structure – the production capacity of the company for the manufacturing of metal structure is 10 MW per month.


Although solar power plants are distinguished by their low maintenance requirements, professional monitoring and maintenance of the photovoltaic system are necessary for providing maximum safety and performance. With the service package for remote monitoring, reporting, planned and curative maintenance of the PV systems, FILKAB ensures high level of continuous operation and high specific yield. The activities for monitoring and maintenance are aiming at reducing to minimum the unplanned disconnection, to ensure high yield and fast return on investments. The regular preventive maintenance of the equipment provides long life-time of the components and reduces the expenses for aftersales service.

We offer:

  • remote monitoring and reporting – integrated monitoring system SCADA.
  • maintenance of invertors and invertor stations;
  • repair and exchange of components;
  • maintenance, cleaning and thermography of PV modules;
  • planned and preventive maintenance of the equipment and electrical MV- and LV apparatuses;
  • field work and maintenance of grass.

In addition, we also perform the reporting for the operator/investors so that they are kept up to date with the latest state of affairs. Filkab offers all these services as a customer-friendly comprehensive package.