Solon PV Kitleri

Water pump

Water pump

  • Ideal for potable water pumping or for watering stock or for small irrigation systems
  • Extraction of water from wells with head range from 25m to 225m
  • Capacity from 3m3 to 300m3 per day
  • Equipped with engine floating in the water for the prevention of pollution of the aquifer.

SOLON SOLkit Water Pump version: Easy-to-install, high performing, pre sized kit. Constructed from special steel to ensure long life in all conditions of use, the pump body, motor and control electronics can be removed separately for replacement or servicing purposes. High technology to guarantee high efficiency: DC pumps with MPPT regulator for tracking the maximum power point of the photovoltaic modules and external interface board with display shows the machine’s current status. The Water Pump kit is equipped with engine floating in the water for the prevention of pollution of the aquifer

PV kit island and Back up

SOLON SOLkit stand-alone.
Everything you need in one single solution to install a mains- independent photovoltaic system.

  • SOLON high-efficiency mono- and poly-crystalline modules
  • Two different types of KIT: Island and Backup
  • Kit components are pre-sized and ready to install
  • Special sealed batteries for PV storage

The custom-made PV system

In one single solution the SOLON SOLkit stand-alone contains all the elements necessary to construct a mains-independent photovoltaic system: photovoltaic modules, pre-sized components, batteries and guarantees. 3 different types of kits are available: Island in 5 versions, Backup in 4 versions, Water Pump in 9 versions. The modular design of the kit enables you to configure and build ad hoc photovoltaic installations to meet specific energy needs. SOLON’s direct experience in manufacturing high-efficiency photovoltaic modules and systems and the company’s exclusive partnership with leading suppliers in the market makes SOLON SOLkit stand-alone a complete solution featuring top quality elements. Capturing solar energy has never been so easy. Whatever your energy needs may be, you will find the most suitable solution with one of the SOLON stand-alone kits. Off-grid systems, backup systems or water pumping systems: the SOLON PV modules and all the elements that comprise the kits guarantee the best performance and the highest efficiency in all situations. SOLON technicians have used their vast experience to find the best materials available on the market and have pre-configured these stand-alone kits that will enable you to transform solar energy into clean energy for your particular energy needs..

PV kit solfixx


PV kit solfixx

Photovoltaic System for Flat Rooftops.

  • Innovative flat roof system consisting of high-performance SOLON modules and a light plastic substructure
  • Suitable for lightweight roofs from 12.9 kg/m² load-carrying capacity
  • Time-saving plug-and-play concept: No tools required
  • Ideal for roof renovations: special mounting solutions for bitumen and plastic roofing strips
  • Applicable for use in alpine areas
  • Meets the static requirements of Eurocode 1
  • Up to 25 years guarantee for substructure

Innovative. Convenient. Powerful.

In the SOLON SOLfixx system, the module and substructure are combined in a single unit. This unique PV system for flat roofs can be assembled in one of three different ways – to suit any type of roof and any situation. The modules are installed on the substructure at an inclination of 10 degrees. This ensures maximum output per square metre of roof area. An additional benefit: simple and fast plug-and-play installation.

PV kit solskin


PV kit solskin

Photovoltaic system for architectural integration.

  • Innovative application for architectural integration
  • Ideal for all roof and tile types
  • Adaptable to all solar array shapes
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Ventilated system
  • Suitable for use with standard SOLON modules
  • 10 year guarantee on the entire system

Integration system. Maximum efficiency and exclusive aesthetics.

The revolutionary SOLON SOLskin architectural integration system combines the high efficiency of SOLON modules with an innovative architectural integration structure, which guarantees full integration and complete waterproofing of the roof. Installation is particularly easy and the modules can be removed or replaced individually to speed up construction and maintenance times.