a winning and convincing choice

Biogas-cogeneration represents both an extremely interesting business opportunity for agricultural concerns and a far-sighted choice for public and private companies interested in producing and promoting biogas in a perspective of high energy efficiency and ecosustainability. Thanks to biogas-cogeneration in fact, electricity and thermal energy can be produced using agricultural and animal farming wastes, or else materials of different dedicated crop origin, or the organic part of household wastes. Thanks to specific government incentive policies, agricultural concerns can profitably enter the electricity market by yielding to the grid the kWh produced by the plant.


for the client:

  • power yielded to the grid at predetermined and guaranteed prices;
  • high economic yield thanks to an all-inclusive single tariff;
  • a continuous heat resource at a constant price to be used in the different solutions: heating homes, companies and industries;
  • better management of nitrates from animal farming wastewaters;
  • agronomic re-use of digested part.

for the environment:

  • drastic reduction of smells and polluting emissions;
  • practically zero CO2 emission and consumption balance;
  • reduction of pathogen germs;
  • use of digested sludge for soil conditioning;
  • the power produced by the plant and not self-consumed can be yielded to noprofit institutes or the community.